Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wine Wednesday - Well today is Thursday

So I am late for our first Wine Wednesday post, I promise Wine Thursday won't become a tradition!

Ernst & Co. Pinotage

Vintage- 2007
Price- $7.99-9.99

This wine is a Pinot Noir and Meritage blend of uber deliciousness! Perfect for BBQs. And for less than $10/bottle you can let all your friends in on your secret too.

We had some fabulous bottles of wine flowing at my reception and the Pinotage went over the best. I bought two full cases of it and am only left with a half case. Sad face.

This Pinotage is from South Africa. Tasting of ripe dark fruits. But with a hint of smokiness to it, those BBQ flavors in your meats will really pop. Anything hearty and thick will bring out all the flavors in this wine -stews, roasts, a good pork tenderloin, ribs. It is also a perfect sitting by the fire and drinking wine. It will not disappoint you when standing on its own!

Ernst & Co Website


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